By Sandeep Singh

Struggling with the slow speed of your website? Your site is ranking lower than the industry average due to speed issue? Well, here’re 5 easy fixes you can employ to drastically improve the speed of your website. Here we go:

Consider Optimization of Images

Images play a vital role and help in keeping your visitors stick to your site for more time. Though high-quality images become a necessity for a site to capture the attention of visitors, they too drag down the speed of your site. To speed up your site, it’s better to make use of optimized images.

Enable Cache

When you visit a site, the elements or contents of that site automatically gets stored as a cache or temp storage on your hard drive. This helps you with easier load times, the time you again visit the same site.
So, enabling cache not only trims down the website loading times for your visitors but also diminishes the bandwidth amount that is employed for both the server side and the visitor.
The browser cache can be easily enabled using plugins. There are many plugins that can accelerate the performance of your website. In case you’re not getting the right one, SilexSoftwares is always there to help!

Better Choose Fast Hosting Company

It is really important to make your selection of website hosting company wisely for the fast page speed. A fast hosting company can quickly and easily turn the speed of your slow site to fast. There are three hosting options one can choose from. They are:
• Shared Hosting
• VPS Hosting
• And, Dedicated Server
You can choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements. If you’re in a dilemma that which hosting option to choose from for your business, SilexSoftwares can help!

Remove Unnecessary Plugins

For boosting the speed of your website, consider removing unnecessary plugins. To do so, walk through all the plugins you have installed on your site and delete the ones you feel are not needed.

While plugins are a great way to increase the functionality of a site, but using them in excess can hamper the speed of your website and leads to cause slow loading times.

Also, it is recommended that make use of only high-quality plugins, as cheap plugins use large scripts, causing higher load times.

A Simple Website Design Can Help

To increase the speed of your site, making use of a simple website design is the best option. One of the best reasons to use a simple design is that it reduces the figure of HTTP requests a website requires for making it load.

Best of all, a simple website design can be easily navigated by visitors and grabs the attention of booking engine quickly.


Here’s hope that the aforementioned five tips will help you improve the speed of your site, although these are just a few from an iceberg.

For additional tips or suggestions, you can get in touch with us, be it for your website development or speeding it up.