By Sandeep Singh
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Magento Vs WooCommerce Vs Shopify: Which Ecommerce Platform is leading the race?

Choosing the best platform for the development of an eCommerce website can be a cumbersome task for many. Today there are a plethora of options available for the development of an eCommerce Site, but you
have to go with the one that perfectly matches to your needs as well as offers you the requisite functionality. Read on to find out that which eCommerce platform could be the choicest option for you.

Magento vs WooCommerce vs Shopify


First in our list of eCommerce platform comparison is Magento which is a prominent open-source solution. It is one of the most flexible options for the development of eCommerce websites. With endless functionalities, it is leading the race especially when comes to fulfilling the needs of tech-
savvy store owners. Let’s check the pros and cons of Magento:
Due to offering out-of-the-box SEO functionalities, it is highly customized for Search Engine Optimization.
1. Magento is available in two pricing editions. They are Community Edition (Free to download) and Enterprise Edition (For enterprise and businesses).
2. Boasting very powerful CMS and offers many more features when compared to Shopify.
3. In terms of market share, Magento wins the race for being the most used and popular eCommerce platform across the world.
4. An array of themes and templates can be downloaded from Magento Connects. However, for paid themes, you need to pay some dollars.

1. People seeking to use Magento for their eCommerce website development must be needing PPI and hosting for making their site completely secured.
2. No customer Support
3. When compared to Shopify, Magento is not that much user-friendly. This is not the best option who are novices or having limited knowledge.

Next comes in our list is Shopify. Supporting a feature-rich system, it is another best option for eCommerce development. Have a glimpse of the pros and cons of Shopify:

1. Offers an extensive range of features for SEO functionalities and is highly optimized for Search Engine Optimization.
2. A 14-day trial offer can be availed to get familiar with the platform.
3. To make your website complete secure, all you would require is a strong password because of the reason that SSL certificates are set in the Shopify subscription.
4. Exceptionally swift to load pages compared to other eCommerce platforms.
5. Extremely user-friendly.
6. Offers 9 free website templates
7. 24x7 customer support available via chat, email or call

1. Compared to Magento and WooCommerce, Shopify is a bit expensive for the development of an eCommerce website.

Last but not the least, WooCommerce is another best option to be considered for the development of eCommerce website development. Read on to know the pros and cons of WooCommerce.

1. SEO-friendly platform and offers an array of customization options.
2. It is free to download. However, to use the advanced feature, you need to purchase add-ons.
3. Easy to use and highly user-friendly.
4. Best option when comes to making any WP theme run.
5. Offers thousands of themes to choose from.

1. It gets slow at the time of loading graphics that are supporting a large number of variations.
2. Limited customer support


Every eCommerce platform has its own positives and negatives though which one should be crowned as the best is entirely dependent on the needs and requirements of a business. Here’s to hope that the
aforementioned points will help you choose the best eCommerce platform for the development of your site. Even if not, hire Silex Softwares to assist you in the best possible manner.