By Sandeep Singh

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work

For those who want to get familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing, we are here to explain
through this tutorial as crisply as possible. Let’s delve in and understand what affiliate marketing is.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is all about earning money online for referring someone to purchase a product that they eventually purchase.

For instance, you go to a hotel and then suggest your friends go there and then they too go there.
Affiliate marketing offers you the commission for the referral you suggested for a particular

Now visualize if your penned an article explaining how great was your experience at that particular
hotel and then you publish that article in the local rag and someone finds interest in what you explained about the hotel and decides to visit that hotel too. In affiliate marketing, you will receive
the commission for each customer who visited the hotel as a result of going through your article.

Now there are many ways for promoting a particular product. This post covers the most common one. However, blogging and writing article is one of the best options to market a product. This can be done through SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Paid Advertising, etc.

All things considered, if you are an affiliate, you make use of your marketing skills to refer people to the desired product and when people based on your recommendation purchase that product you get a commission.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

An affiliate is paid for performance delivered. An affiliate can be a company or a single person. There
are various performance-based models that work best in affiliate marketing. Let’s check them out

PPC or Pay Per Click – This refers to those affiliates who get the commission for all valid clicks generated irrespective of the fact that whether that clicks converted into sales or not.

PPS or Pay Per Sale- This affiliate marketing procedure refers to those who get the commission for every qualified sale. This can be provided in the form of a money percentage which was decided by the company and the affiliate on a prior basis. To know about the most known PPS affiliate
marketing program, let’s inform you that Amazon Associates is one of the most common ones where an affiliate can make money up to 15% depending on the products that were traded.

PPL or Pay Per Lead- This is another best affiliate marketing performance model where a fixed commission is paid to the affiliate for every qualified generated action, which could be online form submission, an installation, short survey, free trail and many more.

To sum up
For earning money through affiliate marketing, one needs to first sign up for an affiliate program, get
a link and then use that specific link or URL within the content used for the advertiser on a particular website.

Now as you get familiar with what affiliate marketing is, why not dig deeper and earn some money by hitting the chance.